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Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Colin Allbright Collection, Part IV: Peachfield Bridge

This week's blog post sees us returning to Peachfield Road bridge with some of Colin Allbright's shots from the late 1970s. Apart from the ancient rolling stock and the signal posts which were trimmed down in July 2016, not much has changed around here in the intervening decades. Nevertheless, these pictures provide an interesting glimpse of a site which was at the time still coming to terms with the closure of its local station. Note the old buildings belonging to Malvern Wells GWR station still standing in the abandoned station forecourt and the comparatively well maintained lineside brambles!

A DMU passes the abandoned Malvern Wells station.
A DMU on the way to Great Malvern.
A clear shot of the line down to Malvern.
Peachfield Road bridge from the north.
The semaphore signals (replaced and shortened 2016).
The underpass beneath the railway line on Malvern Common.

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