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Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Colin Allbright Collection, Part VII: Great Malvern Station

This week's update includes some more pictures of Great Malvern Station. These pictures are from the late 1970s, and show the station before it was gutted by fire in 1986. The shots taken from Platform One are particularly interesting, as they show the long-derelict Midland bay a few years before it was finally filled in and sold for housing. Notice also the old British Rail trappings, also now consigned to history.

The front of the station with the old British Rail awning.
Looking across the station car park.
Looking across Platform One to the derelict Midland bay platform.
The view from Avenue Road bridge, 1/2...
...and 2/2.
'The Worm' and the wooden track crossing below the bridge.

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