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Saturday, 6 May 2017

The Colin Allbright Collection, Part XI: Malvern Link Station

This week's post takes us to Malvern Link, a site less frequently visited by this blog. These pictures were taken in the late 1970s by Colin Allbright, and show the station in a bit of a run-down state. Happily, the stop was given a facelift in early 2014, with a new stone-clad booking office a key new addition. The shots below are interesting in that they depict the station in a less congested setting - the area around Malvern Link has seen quite a lot of building work in the last few years with a revamped fire station, hospital and new retirement homes all clustered alongside nearby Worcester Road. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this trip through time!

The view northwards along Malvern Link station from Worcester Road bridge.
The pedestrian footbridge from the east.
The station master's house, and the day's laundry.
The station master's house from above.
Howsell Road bridge.
The view north from Howsell Road to the caravan park.
Some building work being carried out!

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