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Monday 1 February 2016

Views of Malvern

This lithograph is Henry Guy's 'Malvern - View from the Worcestershire Beacon Looking South', produced in the late nineteenth century. Below is the full panoramic picture, kindly supplied by Logaston Press.

Zooming in on the left hand side of the picture in high-resolution, the two railway lines entering Malvern from the south are clearly visible. The picture does use a bit of artistic licence: the site of Tewkesbury Junction is shown as a row of houses when in fact there would have been nothing there at this point (in fact, there still isn't - the site is wasteground owned by Network Rail!)

If you look closely, you can see a house on the curve of the Ashchurch line, a little way ahead of the steam train heading out of Malvern. I assume the house is supposed to represent Hanley Road Station, which only goes to show how far from civilisation the stop was when it was first built.

Jonathan Lumby (ed.), Poems and Paintings of the Malvern Hills (Little Logaston, 2014), x-xi.