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Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Colin Allbright Collection Part V: The Bridges of Malvern County

Another out-of-sequence post this week, this time showing the area between Great Malvern station and Tewkesbury Junction. Of particular interest here are the pictures of the old coal yard and the site now occupied by County Builders - another view of the old junction between the GWR and LMS railways which has now been lost to the undergrowth. The fourth shot too has been lost to the ages, taken from the embankment just south of Clarence Road bridge. I'm not even sure how you would get up there any more today! Bringing up the rear are two more photographs of the bridges that carry the railway south away from Great Malvern station: not a lot has changed in these, but they are interesting nonetheless (especially for fans of 'vintage' cars!)

The old coal yard at Tewkesbury Junction.
This is a great angle, showing the old junction sidings site before it became hidden.
Clarence Road bridge.
The view towards Malvern from behind Clarence Road bridge.
Woodshears Road bridge.
Thirlstane Road bridge.

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