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Saturday, 18 February 2017

The Colin Allbright Collection Part III: Malvern Wells (GWR)

Yes, I know I'm uploading these in the wrong order, but I wanted to put this set up before I show you Part II (which will show the old buffers outside Colwall Tunnel). The reason for this is that I have finally found a picture of what is now a tumbledown old shed outside Malvern Wells station before it fell into disrepair. This collection from Colin Allbright shows the old GWR stop around fifteen (we think) years after its demise, providing an fantastic snapshot of a site clearly in decline but with a few interesting features still visible.

The Wells signal box from the south. The corrugated hut to the right still stands today.
A slightly closer-up shot of the above.
The Wells box with the windows open on a hot day.
The old station shed, still in remarkably good condition and with windows intact.
Peachfield Bridge. This view is now obscured by security fencing.
The view from Peachfield Road down across the old Wells station.

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