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Thursday 22 March 2018

Great Malvern Signal Box

This week's post comes courtesy of Alan Hodges, who has sent me a batch of pictures featuring Great Malvern signal box. The picture is something of a rarity as it shows a double-header in Malvern, but I also find the sheer number of tracks interesting - Great Malvern station was much busier back then! Alan is also the first to respond to the Request List I set up to try and fill some gaps in my coverage of Malvern's historical railways. There are still plenty of missing pieces, however, so if anybody has any shots (particularly of the section north of Hanley Road!!) I'd be very grateful to see them.

6916 'Misterton Hall' at Great Malvern, date unknown.

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  1. This layout accords with that on a signalbox diagram I have for here.