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Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Worm and the Turntable

In what must probably be the post with the strangest title to date, this week I've gathered together some pictures of the 'Worm' passenger tunnel and the old service door at the Imperial Hotel. 'The Worm' was a corrugated metal tunnel designed to allow first-class passengers arriving in Malvern to access the hotel without having to leave cover (or to mingle with their second-class counterparts!). The tunnel is sadly neglected today, with both ends locked to prevent access to what is now a school. There are plans to see the feature restored, however. The service door, meanwhile, once sat in front of a small turntable which allowed coal trucks at the rear of inbound trains to be decoupled and rotated ninety degrees for delivery straight into the basement of the Imperial Hotel. No trace of this turntable survives today, but the door itself remains, albeit presumably in a defunct state.

The locked door to 'The Worm'.
Here we see the Worm on the right and the hotel's service door behind.
A clear shot of where the turntable once stood, just behind the first lineside cabinet.
Up the line towards Malvern Link - bridge after bridge.


  1. As of two years ago there was still track and a coal wagon behind that door.

    1. Hi Dave, thanks for your comment! Any photos of those? I wonder if they're still there?