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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Malvern and Tewkesbury Junction Signal Box

I've been waiting to write this post ever since seeing this old picture in Brian Iles' Around Malvern. The historical shot below shows the old GWR signal box that guarded the junction between the LMS's Malvern-Ashchurch railway and the surviving GWR Worcester-Hereford line until the former's demise in the early 1950s. I've done my best to provide a matching shot, taken by sticking my camera through the steel fence on Network Rail's wasteland site opposite County Builders on St Andrew's Road. The site is closed to the public and I had to be supervised for my visit, so please don't head up there yourself - in truth, there isn't much left to see anyway and what little there is I have snapped exhaustively for the Tewkesbury Junction page. I'm very pleased to have finally got this posted, anyway. Now to find some shots of the Midland signal box further out on the Common...

Malvern and Tewkesbury Junction GWR signal box.
My matching shot from February 2016. Apart from the overgrowth and the colour of the gables on the College houses, not much has changed from this perspective.


  1. The lower part of the signalbox was there until at least the mid 1980s. I thought I might have a picture of it but I couldn't find one.
    Can I borrow these pix for the Malvern Gazette.
    Robert Hale, Malvern Gazette.
    01905 742283

    1. Hello Robert,

      Thanks for your comment - I'd be interested to see the picture if you ever do find it! You are more than welcome to use the bottom picture if you like as it is mine, but the top one isn't mine to grant copyright for. I suggest you contact Brian Iles via Malvern Museum. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Does anybody know when the picture of the signal box was taken and who the man in the picture is? Thanks Maggie

    1. Hello Maggie, I'd guess something like between 1910-1925. I think Brian Iles' book 'Around Malvern' has more detail. Assume the chap is a signaller!