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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Steam in Malvern - 27th November 2016

Sunday 27th November saw the Railway Touring Company's 'Welsh Marches Express' steam through Malvern with the 0840 Birmingham International to Cardiff Central. I managed to snap it passing in front of the historic Malvern College. 44871 and 45407 led from the front, supported by a diesel on the back for the muscle needed to climb to Colwall.


  1. Thanks for running such an amazing blog.
    One thing, could you give some notice as to when these chartered steam trains are going through Malvern?

    1. Hello! Thanks for the comment - I'll certainly try in future to make a note on the blog of any steam or other heritage trains passing through the area. Very flattered that quite a few people check here every week now without me needing to advertise the site!