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Friday 3 March 2017

Request List

As you've probably seen, I've been soliciting donations of pictures to my site recently. At the same time, I've also noticed that people have been visiting the site because they have specific interests in different aspects of the railway, such as signal boxes. My coverage of the old Malvern-Ashchurch line is still very patchy (and in some places non-existent!) so I've decided to write a request list of pictures in order to help people get an idea of what would be useful. If you have any photos of the following, I'd be delighted to hear from you:

1. The old Midland Railway signal box on Malvern Common. I have only one photo here, showing a tiny speck from a biplane.

2. Any and all photos of the railway between Peachfield Road and Hanley Road. I have a complete void here!

3. The embankment north of Upton-on-Severn station. I have lots of photos of Upton station but nothing from here.

4. The railway bridge over the Severn at Upton. I have seen pictures of this, but none I can use for copyright reasons (see below).

5. The turntable, signal box and goods bay at Great Malvern station. Nothing direct here either.

6. The Mythe Railway bridge. No historical pictures from here.

7. The Mythe Tunnel, Tewkesbury. Very little from here. 

Of course, this does not mean that I want to discourage any donations of pictures showing sites I already have covered - the more the merrier! The site runs on a combination of your support and my walking boots, after all.

N.B. In order to use photographs on this site I need to have the permission of the copyright holder. This is usually the original author, or their direct descendants. I cannot use pictures from private collections that do not come with this permission.


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  2. hi
    I am chairman of the Friends of Great Malvern Railways and we have a photo archive which needs some sorting.Some of these picture are ones that you already have. I would like to discuss some means of linking these with yours and some advice on making ours more accessible. If you are interested please email me mhpritchard41@gmail.com


    Michael Pritchard