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Wednesday 20 April 2016

New Video Segment: Part One (Hanley Road to Tewkesbury Junction)

I'm very excited to bring you the first in my series of walks tracing the route of the old Malvern-Ashchurch Midland branch line. This part of the walk begins at the southern end of Malvern Hanley Road station, passes through the embankment near to where the old road bridge once stood, and moves across the north site of the Three Counties Showground. Passing through Coton Cottage Farm, the route then mounts an embankment above Warren Farm, before diving into a cutting alongside Worcestershire Golf Course. Next, the route emerges onto a public footpath and crosses Malvern Common, before emerging in the yard at County Building Supplies and finally meeting the existing Hereford-Worcester railway at Tewkesbury Junction.

There will be more videos to come over the summer as I film from Upton back up towards Malvern. A link to the Youtube page hosting this video, and to my channel can be found here. Enjoy!

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