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Saturday, 9 April 2016

A New Address

Thanks to the help of several people who have posted links to this site on local Facebook groups and websites in the last few weeks, my blog has recently begun to attract a lot more traffic. This is obviously great news, and I've taken it as a sign of encouragement that I should try to make this page even easier to find. To this end, I've bought a more professional domain name, www.malvernrailway.co.uk, and will be watermarking my new pictures as such from now on. For those regular visitors who may have the original address saved in their bookmarks, fear not: the old address, http://malvernrailway.blogspot.com will still work just like normal. Anyway, this isn't much more than a paintjob to help the site to get higher up the rankings (I hope!) for anyone searching on Google. Thanks to all who have supported the project by donating photographs or by letting me onto their land recently, and thanks also to the several thousand visitors I've had since the start of this year. There's plenty more still to do, and I look forward to getting my walking boots on and taking more photographs over the coming spring and summer.


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