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Sunday 24 January 2016

Coton Cottage Farm

Coton Cottage Farm is a medium-size farm lying to the north-west of the Three Counties Showground. The old Midland line ran through here on its way down off the embankment above Warren Farm and into the cutting which ran under Hanley Road.

Today, the land offers little sign of the old railway line that ran through here, as the cutting has been infilled in common with the Three Counties site. The treeline remains, however, and there a couple of interesting relics left standing, including the remains of a farmer's crossing gate and an old lineside shed.


Following the tree line north along the eastern edge of the sheep paddock.
A telegraph pole at the southeastern corner of the field.
Remains of a drainage channel running perpendicular to the line.
The old embankment is still clearly visible in this shot, taken facing south towards Hanley Road.
Another drainage ditch.
The northern end of the field, where the land runs upwards onto the embankment overlooking Warren Farm.
The remains of the old occupation crossing at Coton Cottage Farm.
One of very few original buildings left standing on the line, this lineside hut has been reappropriated...
... as a hotel for sheep!
The hut is in still fairly decent condition, as this shot from the west shows.
The hut from the south.

The hut sitting alongside the old line (which would have been on the near side), taken from the public footpath.

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