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Saturday 16 September 2017

43106 on Victoria Bridge, Arley - 07/09/17

I had a spare day's holiday to use last week, so I took a trip on the Severn Valley Railway from Kidderminster up to Arley, with the intention of then walking the Severn Trail back down the river to Bewdley. The walking part of the day proved to be a mixed bag - I managed the lovely walk past Trimpley Reservoir but got lost at the holiday cabin site in Northwood, causing me to lose the public footpath and walk down a narrow country lane into Bewdley instead. The weather was also grey and overcast, which was less than ideal for photography. Luckily, I now have Adobe Lightroom (see previous post!) to help me iron out the blanched and featureless skies you invariably get when taking pictures in conditions like this. I've also invested in a petal hood for the camera, but I doubt it made much difference in such poor light. Anyway, the net result of all this was one of my best shots, a really well-composed shot of 43106 'The Flying Pig' crossing the Severn by means of the scenic Victoria Bridge just south of Arley.

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