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Saturday 8 April 2017

Dymock Daffodil Trail - Vell Mill

Last week I decided to pay a visit to Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust's beautiful nature reserve at Vell Mill, a small field adjoining the River Leadon east of Dymock. During the heyday of the railways, special excursion trips were aranged from the large cities to see the daffodils in south Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, so I took some pictures of this year's array. Dymock station itself sat on the Ledbury-Gloucester Railway and opened in 1885, closing eventually in 1959.

Today, Dymock has no railway station or indeed any railway line nearby, although a few relics remain. For example, a tell-tale hedge line still bisects the village from north to south, and an old railway bridge continues to carry Kempley Road over a now abandoned cutting.

This post is not strictly railway related, but after my interesting walk along the Ledbury Town Trail over Christmas I thought it would be nice to take another look at sites outside Worcestershire.

The information board at Vell Mill.
Looking west towards Dymock.
Looking east across the field.
Two trumpets.
A cluster of daffodils.
The bend in the River Leadon on the southern flank of the reserve.
Nice weather for it!

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