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Monday, 28 November 2016

Heritage Railway Updates

Following a request from a commenter, I've decided to keep a running update on the blog showing when the next heritage train will be passing through the area. In general, these tend to visit Worcester Shrub Hill or Hereford (steam tours through Malvern are rare although diesel tours are more frequent). Please note that by 'local' I mean within a reasonable distance of Malvern - I won't be including movements to and from the Severn Valley Railway's depot at Kidderminster or the Tyseley Locomotive Works in Birmingham unless they pass nearby. I'll also probably keep just the one up at a time, unless several are happening in short succession. Anyway, the widget for this will stay on the top-right of the page, so please do keep checking back to keep yourself informed.


  1. Just the thing,
    Thanks again, also it's been a great inspiration for a model railway i'm currently building.

    1. Not a problem, it's a nice addition to the site. Pics of your model railway set up much appreciated (when it's built!)