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Saturday 21 May 2016

Tewkesbury Station

Built in 1864, the Midland station in Tewkesbury was actually the second station constructed in the town, replacing the 1840 stop built by the Birmingham and Gloucester Railway. It lay at the northern side of Station Lane, to the west of a junction with the Tewkesbury Quay branch line, a small spur which connected the Malvern-Aschurch railway with the landing stage and docks at the junction of the Avon and Severn Rivers.

Today, little is left of the old railway, although some of its bridges do remain standing. Additionally, the path of the old line is very noticeable in the way that it still separates the houses north of Tewkesbury marina from the rest of the town.

These pictures from Britain From Above show the old gas works which sat alongside the railway embankment as it crossed Bredon Road. The top of High Street is also visible, as is the countryside north of the town.

Back on the ground, these photos show the railway line in Tewkesbury in great detail, including the station itself from both the forecourt and platforms.

Tewkesbury Station, 10th July, 1959.
'Tewkesbury, 58071 with 8.35 from Ashchurch' 1st May, 1956.
'Tewkesbury, 43337 with 6.20 from Ashchurch. Coach 20444' 1oth July, 1959.
'Tewkesbury, 46401 with 8.53 to Ashchurch', 24th April, 1958.
'NW view from Tewkesbury Station, towards bridge over River Avon'. Used courtesy of Ben Brooksbank via Creative Commons.


  1. Geez, you have solved all of my questions with your pics. I live in Mitton Way and those railway remnants have always interested me. Such a pity that are all gone now.

    1. Hi DRW, I haven't got down to Tewkesbury yet to do some proper photography, but I think there are still a couple of bridges on the public footpath down by you which belonged to the railway?

    2. Yep, the one embankment is still there as is the viaduct and of course the track is now a cyclepath, and the one side of the tunnel entrance is visible. I am still looking for odds and ends, and while I havent consolidated what I have found some of it is on http://allatsea.co.za/musings/up-and-down-the-avon/

    3. Found the other end of the tunnel this morning, now all that I need to do is get some pics of the small bridge on the cycletrack and another area that may be interesting. If you would like to use any of the images of the remnants feel free to do so.

    4. Hi DRW, I was out on the Mythe bridge this morning myself actually! Thanks for your offer of pictures, my coverage of the Tewkesbury end is far worse than the Malvern part.

    5. This morning I added in the small footbridge that still has some of the steel girders bridging the gap, the one bridge that bothers me is the one over the marina that is now spanned by that trestle, unfortunate the aerial photos just crop that part off it. That bridge is what set me off in the first place.

  2. Having grown up in both Malvern Link (Redland Road) and Tewkesbury in the 50s and 60s, the images and (the mine of) information here add depth to my memories of those early years spent trainspotting on the Link and Ashchurch stations. I'm glad to have found your site and can only congratulate you on your hard work. Thanks.